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The Drivers’ Seat Engagement


At our core, we will always remain a “Dev Shop”, and technology will remain our first passion. In contrast to most other dev shops, however, this doesn’t mean that we only like playing with the latest and greatest toys (although we do, also) — Instead, this tremendous passion drives us to change and shape current and future technologies so that they better serve our clients and their people — i.e. YOU.

We’re not here to sell you any specific product or framework, whether our own or someone else’s. Rather, Dilithium Professional Intellect Services aim to help you make your technology JUST WORK, and work FOR YOU. Whether this means that we engage with you in a Consulting role or source our skills to you in a Development capacity, depends entirely on your specific and unique requirements.


We cannot stress enough how every aspect of our engagement with you will be driven by you — all you have to do is take the first step and Contact Us, but be warned: once you’ve been in the driving seat with us, it will affect your relationships with other vendors.

We remain resolutely determined to prove to everyone, uncompromisingly, that TECHNOLOGY SERVES PEOPLE, not the other way around. So if you’ve been feeling as though you have to bend over backwards to support your institution’s technologies, then it’s time to Contact Us.

Our Services Include: (but are not limited to)



  • IT Architecture
  • Standards Compliance
  • Software Auditing
  • Process Improvement


  • Business Modelling
  • Software- & Solutions Design
  • Software- & Solutions Development
  • ALM Process Design & -Implementation


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