GAC API Developer Library – Free!



The GAC API library consists of a Fusion layer that acts as a managed .Net wrapper over the Windows API calls that provide GAC interoperability. In short, it allows for:

  • Enumerating the names of assemblies that are registered in the GAC
  • Enumerating the assemblies (as IAssemblyInfo) that are registered in the GAC
  • Discover the path on disk of the GAC
  • Discover the path on disk of the pre-compiled assemblies in the GAC
  • Discover the download path of the GAC



FREE. For life. For real.

We will never charge you for this library. It’s yours to keep, royalty-free and free of charge.

Managed GAC access

Written in C# on .Net 4.0 – providing a full fusion layer between the Windows System and your managed .Net code.

It’s small. Really small.

At just 10kb and with no additional dependencies, there should be negligible impact on your deployment plan.

Useful info, easy to get.

Want the disk locations of the cache, precompiled assemblies, or download location? – Looking to enumerate the assemblies currently installed? – Just ask, it’s done.

Clean. Swift. Solid.

The API does what is says on the box. Nothing more, nothing less. Apart from the time when you’re using it, you won’t even know it’s there.



Read more about the Global Assembly Cache (GAC):

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