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We know all too intimately the gaps and frustrations that exist in the tool sets employed by the developers that are presently producing and delivering software for the continually ever more complex requirements of companies and enterprises.


The Dilithium Product Incubator focuses on taking ideas and solutions that are routinely employed in our day-to-day activities, and growing them into libraries, tools or applications aimed to benefit developers, start-ups and enterprises alike. Solutions are developed through the stages of Idea, Project and ultimately Product. Because this is a fairly new process for us, you will for a short time only see a limited number of products available on our website. Rest assured, there are quite a number being actively developed through the incubator stages, and in the weeks to come you’ll be sure to see our product list grow.

Dilithium Products


GAC API Developer Library FREE

This library consists of a Fusion layer that acts as a managed .Net wrapper over the Windows API calls that provide GAC interoperability. In short, it allows for:

  • Enumerating the names of assemblies that are registered in the GAC
  • Enumerating the assemblies (as IAssemblyInfo) that are registered in the GAC
  • Discover the path on disk of the GAC
  • Discover the path on disk of the pre-compiled assemblies in the GAC
  • Discover the download path of the GAC

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