About Dilithium

About Dilithium


Q: Who is Dilithium?

We are a young technology start-up — years in the making.

We could spin buzzwords around, and tell you how Agile our processes and methodologies are, how Scalable and Robust and Reactive our software solutions are, or how they serve as examples of Best Practices with focus on Maintainability, Performance and User Experience… but we won’t (even though it’d be true). We’ve come too far, and learned too much, to succumb to the folly of such fads and fancies. Patterns are just that, whether they have been publicised or not. Quite frankly, that’s what everyone else is doing, and that’s not what we are about.

Instead, we’d rather tell you about how good we are at using the right tool for the job at hand, and about our unwavering confidence in our ability to create a solution that will exactly address your unique requirement… because that’s who we are, and that’s what we do.

Q: When did Dilithium begin to take shape?

Dilithium was officially founded during 2009.

Q: Where does the idea of Dilithium come from?

There exists enormous frustration in the tension between business and technology in most enterprise applications development spheres. It is out of this frustration with our industry at large, and from a need to make things better, that Dilithium was born. Since then we have persisted — and continue to persist — in this drive. We’re here for the long haul.


Q: What sets you apart from other development shops?

Through a combined professional applications development career of well over 35 years, our founders developed and honed the skills, understanding and fortitude to efficiently bridge the traditionally challenging divide between business and technology. Through their skills of understanding business, understanding people, and understanding code, they developed our process into what we now call “Coding for People”. Paramount and core to our paradigm are these two tenets:

  • Software must JUST WORK
  • Software must work FOR YOU

We hold firmly to the belief that through solid technology, and a truly deep understanding of the people that use it, we can help businesses and individuals alike, to make their computers, applications and systems JUST WORK, and work FOR THEM.

Aside —

Real Dilithium

Dilithium, Li2, is a strongly electrophilic, diatomic molecule comprising two lithium atoms covalently bonded together. Li2 is known in the gas phase. It has a bond order of 1, an internuclear separation of 267.3 pm and a bond energy of 101 kJ mol−1.

Fictional Dilithium

In the Star Trek universe, dilithium is a fictional chemical element … depicted as an extremely hard crystalline mineral that occurs naturally on some planets … producing a plasma that is used to power the warp drives that allow starships to travel faster than light.

— /Aside

Disclaimer: any similarity (whether real or perceived) between our company name and any chemical compound (whether real or fictional) is purely coincidental. We do not endorse, nor are we endorsed by, any franchise claiming any rights (creative or otherwise) to such chemical compounds.

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